“Ed has the exceptional ability to blend a passion for social change, knowledge of the tools available to achieve it, and the network to bring the correct public and private sources to the table to get it done.” —Blake Trippet, Chief Investment Officer, MetaFund

”I have over the many years of our acquaintance, been impressed with Ed’s ability to be both positive and pragmatic while exploring innovative solutions to the challenges our community and state face.” —Pat Potts, Potts Family Foundation

”Ed is a fresh thinker, hard worker, clear communicator, and laughs with ease. He was instrumental in assisting our office, and our state, with forging local partnerships through facilitation on difficult resource sharing issues. His dedication and enthusiasm for people and for work is contagious. I would highly recommend him for facilitation and innovative resource sharing and funding model expertise, as well for other projects that require a fresh eye and a devoted mind.” —Erin Risley-Baird, PhD, Executive Director, Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development

”I have worked with Ed Long on several different projects, in many contexts and always found him to be one of the most knowledgeable people in the room. He is well-respected in our community as a practitioner, subject matter expert, and convener on a wide range of issues. He balances this position in our community with an inspiring humility, honesty, and genuine desire to put the best outcome ahead of any personal advancement. Ed’s combination of integrity, skills, and passion are simply unparalleled in his field.” —Adam Luck, CEO, City Care & Member, Oklahoma State Board of Corrections

“Ed provided us with valuable expertise in teaming, communication and leadership.” —Noel Tyler, Director, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services

”Ed is dedicated to social impact and service. This is evident as Ed demonstrates his dedication to service through the quality of work he consistently performs and the passion he displays in doing impactful work. Ed has the capacity to bring diverse stakeholders to the table to accomplish common goals, even those that are greatly challenging. Through the facilitation of Cross Sector Innovations, that focuses on human centered design, the Northeast Workforce Development Board has gained significant strides in identifying solutions to create progress in some very difficult work. The results of his efforts to help navigate our team through significant challenges are of benefit to our local area, and reach even broader to impact the state of Oklahoma.” —Michelle Bish, Executive Director, Northeast Oklahoma Workforce Development Board